Cockney Rita Dies at 77

COMEDY character actress Rita Webb died of cancer in a London hospital yesterday. She was 77.
Since the war, she had appeared on stage, television and in films with almost every British comedian.
Rita traded on the fact that when an ugly woman was called for in a script, Producers reached for her telephone number first.
Earlier this year, before an appearance on BBC's "Saturday Night at the Mill," She said: "If they want an old hag, they send for me. After all, I'm not young and beautiful."
She wrote to Hollywood when she was 14, thinking she would be an actress. A year later she ran away from home to become a music hall chorus girl.
Some of the TV shows she appeared in were "The Army Game," and "Bootsie and Snudge," "Till Death Us Do Part," and "The Benny Hill Show."
Last night comedian Bernie Winters said: "Rita was funny in herself and people invited her to parties because she could be so outrageous. She was never short of the odd word and didn't mind who was there, but she was never nasty. She could be hysterically funny, even when rehearsing for a show."


DAILY EXPRESS Monday August 31 1981