"People think I'm tough and they come up to me and hit me on the back too hard," said Rita Webb, "But I'm not really tough. They get the idea that I am, though, from all those old Hags I play on TV and because I'm a bit on the heavy Side! "Actually, I get quiet frightened when they shout 'Ooh look, there's Rita Webb; and they dash over and push an autograph book under my nose."But Rita loves her fans.
She's played so many parts On TV-350 shows to date-That she is instantly recognisable."People seem to like me
because I remind them of their mother-in-law. "Husbands say to their wives, 'she looks just like your mother; and the wives reply, 'No she doesn't, she looks just like your
Mother;" Rita is quiet a character And fun to talk to. I get the Impression that she can be Tough, though, when she's Working.
She has had a great time Here this season. "You've got so much lovely country near you," she says with amazement. "We've been to the lake District and Ingleton and All over the place. It's been Lovely." But now her season at the Winter Gardens Pavillion is Over and it's back to London For the 4ft 10in actress Next Week she will be adding her Voice to scenes which she Recently filmed for the new Sidney Poitier film "To Sir With Love."And she has a bundle of TV offers to consider. "I'll Have a look through and Pick the good ones out." Rita is also in a forth-Coming film called "The Idol" with Jennifer Jones and John Leyton she has a Meaty role as a cockney Landlady. "Jennifer Jones is making a film come-back in it. I'm hoping it will do me a lot of good." Does Rita prefer comedy Or drama?
"Give me a good play anytime," she says firmly. "There aren't enough good parts to last all the year so I do comedy as well. "I enjoy it, mind you. But a serious role is a bigger challenge."


Evening Gazette Saturday 24th September 1966