When actress Rita Webb opened the script which had been sent to her by ITV, she found that somebody had written "Incredible hag wanted…try Rita Webb," inside the cover.
Rita was a little hurt by this, but not enough to stop her appearing tonight in the Benny Hill show, on most ITV regions, as she has done in so many Benny Hill shows in the past.
She is always the ugly old "bird" Benny meets on a blind date, or anancient chamber maid, or a very old "bride" that Benny finds himself lumbered with.
The remark on the script had made Rita momentarily sad, but most of the time I spoke with her she roared with laughter as she joked about her looks.
While other young, lovely actresses have had their out-of-work spells-and somehave disappeared for good from the TV scene-Rita Webb, now in her late 50's, has been in almost constant work since 1947..because of her face.
As a girl she wanted an operation on her nose. It would have cost £100. But she could never save enough.
She explained "I

…"I have enough money"

earned 35s a week in the chorus as the years passed I would amass nearly £100. Then I would have to spend some of it for something important.

"Now I have enough money, I don't want the operation. I think my funny-looking nose helps me to get jobs"
I think the viewers are happy too. After all, Rita Webb wouldn't be the same without that singular hooter would she?

Philip Philips


The Sun 17th June 1970