Rita on "The Benny Hill Show"

Rita Webb's first outing with Benny Hill came on 26th December 1967 in a Benny Hill colour special Show produced by ATV. Rita appeared with Benny in a 'Blind Date' Sketch (Pictured above left). Another "Benny Hill Show" this time on the BBC also featured Rita on 11th December 1968 (no details available)
Thames TV Shows
25th December 1969
The Benny Hill Show changed channels in 1969 and it is these Thames productions that Rita Webb is probably best remembered from.
Rita's first appearance was in a non-speaking part at the end of the programme as the song "Aquarius" is heard, we see Benny sitting on a park bench next to a young woman. As he looks away from her he slowly moves his hand towards her, unbeknown to Benny she has left the bench and an old women has taken her place and is enjoying Benny's advances. When he realises whose hand he is holding he tries to get away from her, but she pursues him in chase-cue Rita, who comes strolling along the park playing the part of a policewoman. She comes to Benny's rescue and pulls the old woman away. As Benny walks off Rita eyes him up and down, fixing her tie she begins to follow him and as he runs away Rita runs after him in the now familiar speeded up chase routine accompanied by the shows catchy theme tune while the end credits roll.
4th February 1970
This show saw Rita playing a soft-Porn Star whose young attractive agent Benny thinks is the "real" star. After Benny thinks that the young stunner will be his bed partner in the film he rushes in to the casting directors office begging him for the part. Rita arrives in the waiting room, wearing a mink stole, beige coat and a white hat with feathers in it. Rita says to the young girl (in posh voice) "Hello dear, sorry I'm late. Has he seen you yet?" she tells her that Benny is arranging the deal, Rita tells her "Oh good that's my girl" Benny comes out telling her that he got the part, Rita looks at Benny and says "Oh I think he's smashing" Henry McGee comes out and takes the young girl into his office to finalise the deal, leaving Benny in the reception with Rita, he looks bemused as Rita says "She's the best agent I've ever had." and grabs hold of him excitingly shouting. "Oh boy am I gonna enjoy working with you! Come on let's start here, come on cor." The camera closes in on Rita hugging Benny as he looks on in despair.
Rita appears in the silent sketch "Hotel Sordide" as a French maid who as Benny's sidekick makes Jack Wright's stay a misery. Rita leans over the counter chewing gum and laughing at Benny's actions toward Jack. As the scene progresses we see Benny and Rita steal Jack and partner's shoes from outside their room, Rita puts the shoe to her own shoe to see if it will fit and skips off down the corridor with Benny. Later in the sketch Rita gets to slap Jack's head as she gaily marches into the room demanding he get out of bed. Eventually she is pushed into the bath, landing on top of Jack who is soaking in it.
A tv anouncer introduces the first television presentation in this country of the curtafay ballet company, we see Benny hnd on head wearing a silk shirt, as the scene progresses you can hear three people talking over the top of the action, "what is he suppose dto be doing" Benny's off-screen character quips, "He's been locked up" Rita spouts back, Benny replies, "I'm not surprised, dressed like that, great nancy" Another female character states "I think he looks quite manly" Benny retorts "They're all the same them ballet dancers, I mean their all like that. Rita adds "Our milk man goes to ballet classes, and his quite normal" Benny butts in "what Cyril, normal, I tell you he ain't" Girl proclaims "well I know he is" Benny reacts annoyed "what did you say?" and Rita shh's em' saying "i'm watchign" Benny - "Well if his normal, why's he running away from her?" I mean if she was in my cell, you wouldn't catch me trying to escape, i'd take me punishment like a man" Rita laughs, "Ha, Ha, HA, hark at old once a foughtnight" Benny replies "don't be vulgar in front of the child" the cene continues with more comments,eventually you hear Benny's character complain "Why can't we have more people like us on tv, we are your typical tv audience" and the camera switches to the three in front of the telly, Rita sitting on a sofa dressed in bowler hat and suit, puffing a cigar with Benny next to her.
The final scene to feature Rita in this episode is one of the most memorable and is the ONLY "Webb" scene featured in "The Best Of Benny Hill" compilation film.
Rita plays the part of an actress who keeps forgetting her lines-only trouble is she is dressed as a bride and Benny has to carry her in his arms The director named John shouts "action" as Benny carrying Rita in his arms has to enter a room as she delivers her lines, Rita in true Radar voice quips "Barnaby, I'm just the happiest little ladle in the….Oh sorry John." Benny is looking more tired and the director ignores him and butters up Rita with "No it's okay, we're running, right take her out again. Right action." Benny takes Rita outside, then struggling brings her back in, Rita is enjoying every minute and again quips "Oh Bartleybee I'm just the…Oh I'm so sorry John." again the director pampers to her "It's okay sweetie, just relax. Plenty of film in the camera"
Rita replies "Okay" and he adds "Now are you okay?" Benny by this stage is ready to collapse as Rita casually says "Yes I'm okay now, carry on, it'll be alright" the director asks her "Not tired?" and Rita with not a thought for her co-star cheerfully replies "Noooo" again the director tells Benny "Alright take her outside" Benny takes her near the door, he is on the verge of collapse as Rita hams it up "Oh Barnaby, I'm just the happiest little lady in the whole land, do you love me?" as she finishes her words Benny falls back onto the bed exhausted with Rita on top of him
Note the set for this scene also features in the "Hotel Sordide" scene.

27th January 1971

Benny and Patricia Hayes are a couple who hate each other, and the next door neighbour wants to do a bit of wife swapping. Benny thinks that the neighbours' daughter is really his wife, so let's Patricia go next door to have hanky-panky with him.
Left alone with the young girl, Benny thinks his luck has changed, and then she tells him she hopes he likes 'Mummy' and Rita appears at the door. It's a real nice scene as Rita comes in with a big cake and ice cream Sundays, speaking in her posh voice. It's really sweet because they both sit on the sofa and Benny is so bold over by Rita and her cakes he starts to relax and enjoy being with Rita..
Rita appears briefly showing Benny her knickers (pulls up her skirt) in a mock soap powder advert.
The show was in black and white because of a technical strike, hence the reason for it not being shown on TV for over 30 years.

22nd December 1971
In this mock "News at Ten" scene (NIT) Benny reads the news as Reginald Boozingquet, and messes up the dialogue and image details, so when talking about the Queen the viewer sees Rita outside a slum dwelling. Rita chucks herself into an old pram and gets pushed down the street as she is supping on a bottle of alcohol, with a stack of old bags on top of her, while the viewer hears Benny saying "The Queen, seen here leaving Buckingham palace, looked refreshed after her recent holiday. She was helped into the royal coach by Prince Phillip, as he accompanied her on their journey down the mall. Thousands of well wishers, many of them tourists wished her God Speed."
.Rita pops up at the beginning of this next sketch. Set in Medieval times, Benny plays the King who is going to get married. He arrives in the castle shouting "Mother Angel. Mother my darling. Mother my treasure". Then to audience "I'll thump that old crow in a moment" and shouts "MOTHER!" we hear Rita reply (off screen) "I'm in ere dear" Benny shouts back "Your not on the thrown again?" and Rita replies "No dear I ain't" Benny (who looks like he's gonna crack up laughing) quips "You're not allowed to, I'm the only one allowed to use that thrown, cos I'm the king that's cos why." he continues "Now Mother, have you sent out the invitations to my wedding?" Rita appears and the audience applause, she sashays across the floor dressed in her royal fineries (complete with medieval head gear) she tells Benny "Yes dear I have, and why wasn't the duchess of Gladly on the list?" Benny makes much banter about her making strange noises and everybody thinking it was him, Rita remarks "Well she couldn't help it" then asks Benny "What's that yer got there?" Benny like a child stomps about an sighs ""It's a French book Mother, I'm learning to parlee vous François" Rita enquires "Whatever for?" Benny replies "Oh sacred Bloom Mother" and begins to tell her what he will get up to on his wedding night. Finally he sends her down to the Kitchen to speak to the chef. Rita turns away from the camera and glides across the room opening the cellar door and disappears from view.
26th January 1977
There was a gap of over five years before Rita joined Benny for more antics, even getting her picture (alongside Benny and Henry McGee) in "The Sun" News paper with the heading "It's Sum Show"
Rita appears briefly as a nurse playing cards in this famous sketch, sitting around a table in a hospital playing cards with Benny (as Steed) and Purdy. She can barely be seen to the right of the screen putting her cards on the table she says in posh voice "Three Gaul stones and an in-growing toe nail"
The "I Claudius sketch" featured Rita again as Benny's (Claudius) mum. Rita and Henry McGee arrive with Rita shouting "Hi yer darling, Mother's ere. Angel, precious, Ohhh I'll thump that little swine if he don't hurry up. Where are yer?"
Benny off screen shouts with a stutter "I'm on the, in the t-t-thrown room. I'm having a sh-sh-sh-shave and er sh-sh-sh-shampoo and I sh-sh-sh- shant be long." Henry Mcgee who is poisoning the food grunts, "I wish I had a red hot poker! I'd stick the cold end in his ear, oh he would narf burn his hand trying to get it out." Rita nervously asks Henry "are you sure we're doing the right thing Quintus?" Henry replies "Mother he's not fit to rule Rome and won't abdicate. Poisons the only way." Benny comes into the room saying "Oh that's better" Henry says "Hail Quintus. How with the invasions of Britain?" Rita interrupts, more cockney than ever "There like savages. They all live in them council caves, and they was all covered in animal skins wasn't they dear." Benny replies "Hail Quintus (the audience roar with laughter presumably because he should have said this line before Rita spoke) he continues "and not only that they had helmets on their heads with great big horns sticking out the side. And when we see them we didn't know whether to fi-fi-fight em' or milk em'. We found out eventually. I bought back a lovely little boy for my dog." Henry tells him "Our warrant just bought back plenty of Christians to throw to the lions in the arena." Rita tells him off "Oh don't say that, he don't like it. He went last week, didn't yer dear?" Benny close to Rita replies "Yes I did Mother" He leans on her breast and say's "I'm sorry" Rita has to stop herself from laughing as Benny continues "I did Mother. I thought it was cruel. I cried for there was a great big lion there, and he didn't have a Christian" Benny carries on bantering with Henry then seated at the table with the (poisoned) wine in his hand he says "Round the mouth and round the gums look out stomach" he stops what he is saying as most of the wine has been thrown over Rita, as he apologise to Rita she tries to pursued him to eat saying "A bite to eat dearest" he is reluctant and asks "Well I don't know, did you?" he makes a sprinkling gesture as do Rita and Henry nodding. Benny stutters "I'll have a p.p.p.pp" Henry shouts "Pear?" and Rita shouts "Pie" holding the food up. Benny gets his words out "Piece of that" still stuttering Rita shouts "Beef" pushing the meat in his face. Benny finishes "Bloody Pudding" Henry passes him the bowl and as he tries to eat it Rita grabs him and shouts "ABDICATE, ABDICATE!" Benny replies "I'd rather have the pudding" then turns to Henry and quips "Ere and another thing I want to ask you 'where's the honey mummy'? (in Honey Monster voice) Rita again starts up "Oh I can't be responsible. There must be some other way." She goes close up to his face and says more cockney than ever "Son have you ever thought of suicide?" Benny replies, "I wouldn't like to commit suicide Mother, I don't think I'd like that." Henry with a sinister smirk tells him "How do you know you wouldn't like it, if you haven't tried it? Now listen Claudius, Mummy and I don't feel your equipped to rule Rome" the bantering continues as Jack Wright as a slave is bought in by guards. Benny trying to show his power tells Wright "If you speak the truth you will be hanged and if you lie you will be fed to the crocodiles" The camera closes in on Jack Wright as he holds his hands up and says "I am going to be thrown to the crocodiles" Benny defeated shouts "Oh, foiled again" he goes over to Rita and Henry saying "I think we'll commit suicide" Henry passes him food saying "Eat this" while Rita gives him a glass of wine telling him "Drink this" Benny walks away and is surrounded by women, he shouts back at them "You do it your way and I'll do it mine" as he stutters and gets carted away by the buxom beauties. Henry and Rita take the poison and full back in their chairs and die.
Rita is seen in the background in a couple of segments of this sketch. Decked out in a brown and orange dress as a TV glamour girl she stands by the door as the guests arrive (Jack wright is dragged up as the other Glamour girl) both of them are seen at the end of the sketch along with Benny (as Dickie Davis) and cast wave goodbye
Rita is also seen (but not heard) in the crowd as Henry Magee and crowd argue other the best TV programme
Another filler sketch this time advertising a tin of dog food. Rita in a posh voice holds the tin up and looks at the camera, fluffing her lines she says "If your friend should ask you how much you paid for this tin of Chimpy dog food, you tell her to pee off." Benny comes along correcting her with "You tell her 2p off" he turns the advertising card with the words 2p off written on them and comments as he walks off "are you sure she's a national theatre player?" Rita puts her finger to her mouth and frowns.
Silent gag. Benny is a flasher. Rita is a shocked onlooker, in hat and brown coat.
At the end of the programme Rita is seen (wearing a fancy gold dress) in the background with the rest of the cast, waving goodbye (as Benny tells the audience how great they are, he turns around and has a knife in his back) as the credits roll.
23rd February 1977
Rita appears in the background as one of the guests at the "Villain of the year" awards, she is dressed up to the nines in a fur shawl and diamond tiara in this sketch. The scene cuts to other sketches then back to the ceremony. The final scene sees the lights go out and when they come back on all the guests are in their underwear as some "Villain" has stolen all their clothes
This silent little filler (which is inserted between the "Villain of the year" sketch) features Rita in a long blonde wig and red beret, she walks past Benny (who is a con man selling matches) She flirts with him and when he doesn't take notice she makes a face and walks away.
The scene cuts back again and Rita swans back in front of Benny, takes the money from his hand stuffs it down her pink
blouse and grabs him by the arm pulling him with her, as he does his hopeless Benny look.
Rita probably gets some of the worst insults on camera as Benny's silent "ugly" bride. The couple are standing in front of the vicar (Henry McGee) Rita puts on her "I'm an ugly old hag" face and stands next to Benny smiling in her white wedding dress, staring happily at the vicar. Benny on the other hand is thinking about all the money he will get when her father pegs it (Jack Wright) He looks at Rita and the camera gives a close up on her face as he thinks "Oh lord I done it now ain't I, just look at her, look at that face. Looks like it wore out two bodies." And "aw she is ugly though. Cop that face, looks like an un-made bed" he suddenly realises he has to sleep with her and goes into a panic he thinks "Bed? ere will I have too? I can't, I couldn't, I couldn't. I can't. I can't let myself in for this. I just can't, I can't do it. I won't, I won't. Not for all the money in the world." At this point his eyes are closed and the scene goes into a speeded up fantasy as Benny runs out of the church, finally turning up at his girlfriends house and as he holds her in his arms and she says "You do want me don't you" Benny shouts "I do, I do I do" and wakes up standing next to Rita in the church with the vicar saying "and now you may kiss the bride" Rita kisses Benny on the cheek as he stands there in shock. As the newly weds leave the church, Rita linked to Benny's arm looks on mesmerised while Benny passes the girlfriend in his dream who is in the church as the tune to "Here comes the bride" is played.
This sketch sees Rita as the wealthy mother, who's daughter wants to sleep with the servant (Hill) Rita in a grey wig rushes into the room shouting "Susan, my child what has happened? My dear you can't sleep with the servant, you can't, you can't. Not with him! It doesn't bare thinking about does it? (Benny shakes his head yes & no)
Her daughter answers back "I've given my word. I've sworn on your life. I must, I have too. Tonight I shall lye in his bed." Rita pleading cries "Oh my dear let me go in your place" Benny drops some crockery that smashes to the floor at the thought of sleeping with Rita. Her daughter tells her "No mother, I'm determined, if Charles won't beg my forgiveness I swear I'll do it." Rita runs out of the room, hysterical crying "Oh I can't bare it, I can't bare it, Charles, oh."
Rita was given one of her best "Hill" sketches as Edie Grimphorpe in this episode. Benny arranges to meet Ruth and friend outside "The Ritz" cinema. Ruth turns up alone and tells Benny her friend Avril can't make it, but Edie Grimthorpe can. Benny remarks "She always can, will she be going home first or will she come straight round ere from the slaughterhouse?" as he says this Rita turns up from around the corner. The audience give her a round of applause as she excitedly says "Hello Ruth, Hello Harry" Benny turns to her and says "Oh hello, gawd it must be a face it's got ears on it." Rita reaches into her handbag and gets out a powder puff, saying, "I bet I look a mess?" Benny replies, "Yeah you do an all" Rita powders her face replying, "There, that's better" Benny throws another bitchy comment her way "Than what?" Rita ignores him he looks her up and down and says "And straighten yer stockings, they're all wrinkled." Rita surprised answers "I'm not wearing any." She turns to Ruth showing her necklace off "do you like my pearls" she asks Ruth "Ohh I like them Edie. Aw are they real?" Rita replies "Of course they are" Ruth changes positions with Rita and so is back to back with Benny who turns around saying "Oh come on yer not gonna tell me those are real?" as he points his fingers to Ruths busty chest. Benny shouts at her "Don't keep nipping about like that" Rita quips, "They're cultured" and Ruth adds, "That's more than you are." Rita saddles up to Benny and asks "Ere what about your friend. He ain't one of them Punk Rockers is he?" Benny replies "Oh no love he's very high class. He's more like a debs delight, yer know." Rita excited, replies "Ohh his loaded is he?" Benny with a smile on his face tells her "Most nights" by this stage Ruth is getting inpatient and asks where they were going. Benny standing next to Rita replies "Well we can go in here if yer like" he opens the newspaper and says "Or at the Regent there's the "Sale of Two, Tale of to cities supported by the mummy's hand" Rita has to stop herself from laughing as the audience roar with laughter, Benny continues "Oh at the Bijou there's "Naked as nature intended." Rita with a gasp cries out ""Ohh I couldn't go and watch a film like that. If I was to watch a film like that, I'd have to bury my face." Benny can't resist another insult and yells "Well that's an idea ennit." At this point the audience cheer as Jack Wright enters the scene (wearing a spikey wig) Rita comments, "He ain't much to look at is he?" and asks Benny "Why don't he come over ere then?" Benny tells her "Well I mean he's only twenty, he's a bit shy." And Rita snaps "Yeah by about thirty years" Benny goes over to Jack and asks him what he thinks of his date. Jack replies "I don't think much of mine, bye-bye" and starts to walk off, Benny pulls him back saying "Don't you wanna see the monster of the black lagoon" Jack replies "I've just seen her" Rita and Ruth are seen chatting in the background as Benny chats to Jack Benny tells him "Listen mate she's just been to the beauty parlour" Jack drolly asks "Was it shut?" Eventually Benny persuades him to meet Rita. Rita tells him "I don't think I've had the pleasure" and again in true Jack Wright style he replies "I'm not surprised." Ruth asks once more where they are going Benny tells them "We don't all have to go together do we? I mean two of us might wanna go in here and two might wanna go down the tunnel of love!" with that Rita screeches "Oh I don't wanna go down the tunnel of love with her. That's like bread and bread." Benny snaps at her "What do yer want, jam on it." Jack tells Benny they should all stick together and Benny takes him aside for another little chat, telling the girls "Excuse me will you" Rita shouts "be my guest" and stands chatting with Ruth. Benny tells Jack that they've got to split them up or they won't get anywhere, Jack tells Benny he doesn't know what to do with Rita. Finally they come back to the girls and Benny tells Rita that Jack is a "Reigning all Ireland dance champion" adding "I expect you've already noticed his stylish gate?" Rita in true cockney style replies "I ain't even seen his house." Benny undeterred tells her "and he as asked me to ask you if you'll go dancing with him this evening?" Rita gives him the thumbs down saying "Oh I can't see on account of my very close veins" Ruth butts in and whisks Jack away saying "Aw but I can, I've never danced with a champion before!" Benny cries out "Oi what about me" and Jack turns around and tells him "You've gotta split them up, otherwise nobody's gonna get anywhere" the couple head off dancing leaving Benny with Rita who excitedly tells him "Oo you are crafty! The crafty way you got rid of them so you could be with me. Why did yer pick on me then?" Benny yawning replies "Cos you're so exciting." Rita fuelled with excitement continues, "aw we could go to the fun fair. I'd like to go in the haunted house" Benny quips "You'd be at home in there, wouldn't yer." Rita continues "They've got mirrors in there that make you look ever such a funny shape." Benny again gives a bitchy remark "You've got a head start ain't yer." Rita still feeling romantic tells him "And then we could go into the tunnel of love. And Harry you won't be disappointed, cos I've put on some kiss proof lipstick." She pouts her lips at Benny who fires back at her "You needn't have bothered." Rita hurt this time asks "Why not?" and Benny fires the final insult "Cos you've got a kiss proof face!" Rita probably does her best bit of acting in a Benny Hill sketch with this piece, and momentarily the audience are stunned to silence as Rita turns comedy to tragedy and then back again. She tells Benny with tears in her eyes ""Ah it's no good me kidding meself, I know you'd rather be with Ruth. I'm always the one that some fella gets stuck with. Never the one he wants. But you must understand Harry, that even if a woman ain't much to look at, she needs to be loved, just as much as a pretty girl. More so in fact, because she needs reassuring. Can't you see that Harry. Harry?" Benny looks guilty and asks "What?" Rita says "I want you to do something for me, I want you to ask me to go out with you. Ask me nicely, as if you really wanted me too, Please Harry" Benny looks ashamed of himself and tells her "Edie I'd be very proud, I'd be very honoured to take you out tomorrow night. Will you come?" Rita looks up at him all romantic like and says "Say Please Harry, say please!" Benny does what she asks him too "Please Edie, will you come?" and Rita with venom spits back "NO!" and proudly marches off."
23rd March 1977
This was the final 70's show Rita would appear in. She gets a few words of dialogue in the now famous "Starsky and Hutch" sketch as Rita (donning a long black wig) shouts in an American accent at Benny's "Starsky" "So you got here at last! Have yer brought the money?" Benny thinking she is 'Slimey Sue' shoots her, Rita screams and falls backwards and as Benny finds out that 'Slimey Sue' is really the young dolly bird he was savng, the camera zooms back to Rita lying dead on top of Benny (as Hutch)
In this bizarre sketch Benny is competing in the first Granny of the year show and Rita comes along as Granny Smith, when Benny goes to jump on her back and ride her, Rita is switched for someone else who wears an old woman's mask and the race begins.
Rita appears in the background as a party guest in this speeded up film as Benny tries to run away from his wife who directly after the wedding is getting fatter and fatter by eating everything in site. The wife chases Benny and guest follow in tow. Rita is wearing a bright yellow coat and big floppy hat.
In this silent filler we see good old Jack Wright doing the head slapping to Benny for a change in a department store gag, Rita appears as one of the customers who faints when she thinks that Benny has dropped his trousers (it is actually a dummy) lying on the ground in black trousers she awakes to see Benny standing next to her and faints again
The final sketch sees Benny singing a catchy song "The Streakers Ball" for the Milk marketing company, the entire cast are involved as "Benny's band" and Rita can be seen singing along with the rest of them in the background (she is playing a flute) it is possible to see how short Rita was to the rest of the cast in this great number.
5th March 1980

Another three years would pass before Rita appeared with Benny for the final time Rita appears as a silent onlooker in the "Gallery" sketch where Benny is very hungry. His wife (Helen Horton) won't give him any of the food in her basket so Benny ends up going into the painting on the wall which comes alive. Rita is seen in the background as one of the people in the painting.
Rita in green coat and head scarf is also seen in the gallery with Bob Todd as Benny steals their grandsons ice cream and the couple pull him away.
Rita's finest moment comes in this sketch, playing the part of a medieval barmaid. Benny is "Chirpy Chuckles" wearing a bright orange wig, he is sitting with his pal (Bob Todd) outside the "George and Dragon Inne" Rita is standing by the sign of the pub and Benny shouts at her "I say is George in?" Rita storms over to them shouting, "Don't you be cheeky" her friend follows behind and Rita quips "Ere do you know Ellie-May?" Benny replies "No, but thank you for the tip." and carries on eating. Ellie tells him "Ere you're not allowed to eat yer own food ere." (Benny swaps his food with Bob Todd) and Ellie snaps "Pack it in, do you wanna get me in trouble?" Benny in mischievous voice replies "Yeah, what time do you knock off?" in which Rita replies "I'll be going off soon" Benny insults her shouting "You've been going off for years you have" Ellie ticks him off "Oh, don't talk to her like that, she's a real treasure" Benny fires back another insult "Well what do you wanna go and dig her up for." Rita replies "Beauties only skin deep." again Benny insults her "Well you was born inside out then, weren't yer." Rita spits back "We're all sisters under the skin." Benny enjoying every moment shouts "Well get back under yer skin and send yer sister out." Rita by this stage has had enough and shouts at him "I've never been so insulted in all my life!" and storms off as Benny shouts behind her with glorified venom "You must have been!"
The next scene sees Benny as the same character being a court jester. Rita is playing a nun and is sitting next to Jack Wright as the priest. Bob Todd arrives (as a different character and walks past Benny who starts to sing his rhyming song, Jack Wright shouts out "What about the nun" (Rita) Benny carries on singing about her then Rita interrupts him shouting "Priest, the priest!" and Benny carries on until he eventually insults the king (Henry McGee) which leaves him twitching nervously.
Although Rita's Benny career ended with this episode the programme was made into compilation episodes and repeated many times. Acid tongued Kenneth Williams wrote in his famous published diaries, on 18th September 1980 "While I was at Louie's I saw a bit of the Benny Hill rubbish on television: it looked like amateurs staging a stag night with stealthy prurience & no honest healthy vulgarity. Rita Webb doing her 'I'm really a very good actress' number & failing miserably. It's a show of which any network can be ashamed. (The "I Claudius" sketch featured in this Compilation show)

Rita's first "Benny Hill Show" repeat after her death came on 23rd September 1981 including the joyous Milk Marketing board song (although a "Benny Hill Show" repeat was aired the day after her death on 31st August 1981 for bank Holiday monday). The programmes themselves have been repeated regularly all over the world and are widely available on video and DVD

Mark Lewisohn has written a new biography on Benny Hill titled "FUNNY PECULIAR-THE TRUE STORY OF BENNY HILL", which was published in 2002 to coincide with the tenth anniversary of Benny's death. It is a must for all "Benny Hill" fans and is available in most bookshops and Internet companies. Among his many other publications Mark also wrote the "RADIO TIMES GUIDE TO TV COMEDY" which is the best Comedy resource book available and should not be missed by anyone interested in this medium. Both of these books have a tremendous amount of detail and are well worth their cover price!