ZETA ONE - 1969
Directed by Michael Cort
Charles Hawtrey gets the Rita treatment this time as he jumps on a bus after two girls.
Rita is the bus conductress as Hawtrey jumps on the 133 Rita quips "Hey , you can't do that love. I'll be reporting you if I see you doing that again". Hawtrey apologies and starts to go upstairs.
Rita starts up again "Just a minute mate, where yer going?" Hawtrey swings his body outside the bus to see where it's going as Rita gives him a funny look "em Islington" he replies and gets a £5 note out.
Rita starts up again "If you think i'm changing that you've got another thing coming .Oh my gawd it's gonna be one of them days. Alright then go on up the stairs. Go on, and i'll come up when i've got some change".
As Hawtery mounts the stairs the two girls he was following start to come down and get off the bus.Hawtery goes to follow them when Rita nabs him "Just a minute ere you. Not only will I have you for jumping on this bus, but i'll have you for not paying yer fair either. Come along I want five pence off yer". Hawtery hands her a fiver and jumps off. Rita shouts after him "Hey four eyes, yer ain't gotcher change". End of scene