Rose Jeannette Webb
1876 - 1908

Rita Webb's mother Rose Jeannette Kyezor was born on Thursday 30th January 1876 at 110 Edgware Rd in Marylebone,London.
Her parents were Louis Kyezor a watchmaker and Julia Kyezor nee Joseph. Rose was the youngest of 13 children and the family were of Jewish faith.

Rose's Grandfather Louis Kyezor snr bought a considerable amount of land in Whitton in the late 1830's, where he lived in his later years. He was murdered by an angry tenant in 1869. A book about his life has been written by Vic Rosenwarne a local historian from Whitton, which is due for publication at the end of October 2002.

In 1887 when Rose was 11 years old her father Louis died aged 54. Eight years later she would marry for the first time to a German man of Jewish faith "Samuel Durlacher". They were wed on Wednesday 18th September 1895 at Paddington Registry Office. At this time Rose was living at 41 Sutherand Avenue with her mother Julia. Samuel lived at 70 Mildmay park and was a traverling wine merchant.

Rose would bare him two sons. Twins Leslie Joseph and Gordon Louis. Although the marriage would not last long with Samuell eventually going back to Germany

By 1901 Rose was living at 5 Priory Park Rd in Willesden with the 5 year old twins, mother Julia (who had a 19 year old Irish servant) and visiting friends Lillian Davison and Jeannie Cohen a school teacher.

Rose would marry for the second time when she met Book keeper Henry Augustus Webb. They married on Saturday 18th July 1903 at Hendon registry office. Her friend Jeannie Cohen was also present.

Seven months later Rose gave birth to her first and only daughter Olive (Rita) Webb and 2 years later she would give birth to her third and final son Henry Richard Webb.

By 1908 the family were living at 8 Hurlbutt Cottages, Hurlbutt place in Newington Butts and it was from here that she was taken to Southwark Infirmary where she died of Breast cancer on Friday 26th June 1908 she was 32 years old.

On a foot note, Rose's older brother Benjamin Joseph Kyezor (1853-1930) Had a son Leonard Keysor (1885-1951) who was awarded the VC (Victoria Cross) while serving with the Australian Infantry Forces, following the battle of Lone Pine, Gallipoli in 1915.(Benjamin Kyezor changed the spelling of the family name to Keyzor in 1890 and Leonard was awarded the VC under the name of Leonard Keyzor. However, the official gazette announcement misspelt his name as Keysor and so Leonard changed his name to Keysor by deedpoll in 1920)

Leonard Keysor VC 1885-1951

(Information and photo courtesy Keira Lockyer, Leonard's great niece and a Kyezor family historian.)

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The book "Louis Kyezor - The King Of Whitton" by Harold Pollins and Vic Rosenware is now available.
Also available is a video which contains a piece on the murder of Louis Kyezor